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World War Two and the Rebuilding of International Order
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Thursday, August 25th / 14.00-17.30
Lan Xu
Collegium Novum, C2

The WWII brought tremendous disasters for the human beings in both spirits and materials. It also further accelerated the development of the world history with appearance of socialism, Reborn of capitalism, collapse of colonial system, and appearance of various new international systems. The most important thing is that the WWII promoted the building of the new international order. Especially, the international political order represented by the United Nations and the international economic order represented by the Bretton Woods System, which dominate the formation and development of international order after the WWII. Even to thin day, they are still play an important role in the international political and economic in the world.
Now, if we want to understand the present world, therefore, we must be discussed several important questions: firstly, what is the relationship between the established international orders by the WWI and the WWII? And what are the major changes? Secondly, we must deeply explore all discussions about the post-War new order during the War, and the specific influences of the War on the building of the international order. Thirdly, we should also discuss those historical advances the new international order has given us, and those problems unresolved, in other word, what kind of its sequels still affect the present international relations. Fourthly, what are China’s relations with this international new order? In particular the relations between new China and the international order should be discussed.
Since the end of the cold war, profound changes have taken place in the world. Therefore, how to reform, the international order to supplement and to perfect, this question also should be a historian to answer with a strong concern of reality.