In the tab “Tradition”, we decided to present in a nutshell the history of the world congresses of historians. This “platform” was created thanks to the joint initiative of the Board of the International Committee of Historical Sciences and the Organizing Committee of the XXIII ICHS Poznań 2020/2022. The folders on the chronological axis contain texts of various lengths on the following congresses (from the first in Paris to the last in Jinan). The texts have usually been enriched with bibliography and sometimes also with iconography.

The texts published here are the result of joint work of the group of colleagues from different countries. Some of them have strictly original character, i.e. they were entirely prepared by one author. In this case his/her name appears under the note. Other texts were developed by the undersigned editors, usually on the basis of the “raw material” sent by colleagues from the countries where congresses were held. Sometimes this material has already been pre-developed. Below is a list of people involved (we hope that we have not missed anyone): Stefan Eklöf Amirell, Nora Birkeland, W. (Pim) den Boer, Susan Carr, Nadezhda Chesnokova, Michel Duquet, Bogusław Dybaś, Margot Finn, Miguel Ángel Ladero Quesada, Liu Jiafeng, Martyn Lyons, Agata Łysakowska-Trzoss, Anna Magdzińska, Kristina Matron, Asunción Miralles, Paulina Misiewicz, Maciej Moszyński, Karen M. Offen, Ioan-Aurel Pop, Małgorzata Praczyk, Jean-Claude Robert, Sacha Zala. We would like to thank them once again for cooperation in creating this “archives”.

We invite to cooperate also other historians, who would be ready, somehow, to supplement our database, especially iconography, correct certain information, indicate errors or simply share their comments.

After the XXIII ICHS, all the material collected here will be transferred to the website of the International Committee of Historical Sciences, where it will continue to be shared and, hopefully, successively supplemented.

(Karolina Filipowska, Krzysztof A. Makowski)