XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences Poznań 2020/2021

Research Forum

Mission statement
  • Research Forum is a new initiative of the Board of the International Committee of Historical Sciences (ICHS). It is to be held for the first time during XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences in Poznań in 2021.
  • The main purpose of the Research Forum is to allow research institutions to present their ongoing or planned projects to an audience of established scholars and beginner researchers. It should provide an opportunity for new cooperation between institutions as well as the addition of high qualified researchers as collaborators. This initiative fully coincides with the ICHS mission, as one of its objectives is to stimulate dialogue between young scholars and various research institutions.
Application Rules
  • The Research Forum is addressed to Universities, Research Institutes, Research Foundations and other institutions which support research in the field of history.
    The institutions interested in participation in the Research Forum should submit an abstract in English (maximum of 300 to 500 words) that will describe their activity and basic information to be presented during the Congress.
  • Applications will be evaluated by the selecting committee composed of three members: a member of the ICHS Board, a member of the Organizing Committee of the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences and the main organizer of the Research Forum – Dr Małgorzata Praczyk.
  • The applications should be submitted between May 15, 2019 and September 1, 2019. All applicants will be notified about the decision of the selecting committee by September 30, 2019. The organizers have extended the deadline for submission of applications to October 15; therefore, the announcement of the list of institutions qualified for the Research Forum was postponed to October 31.
  • The accepted participants will be able to present and circulate their materials on special stands throughout the duration of the Congress. Additionally, on Thursday (August 27) and Friday (August 28) they will have the opportunity to present their programs during the separate sessions under the chair of ICHS Board member.
  • A maximum of three persons can represent each institution.
  • The fee for participation in the Research Forum is € 2000 (the fee includes also the same benefits as other participants of the Congress).
  • In exceptional cases, an institution may apply for a reduction of the registration fee. In this case, please submit a request with its justification.
  •  The Research Forum will be located next to the Congress Center in the ZAMEK Culture Center.
  • Each participant will have at their disposal a standard stand of 6 m2 (2×3 m) and the access to additional equipment if needed (see the application form below).
  • All correspondence, including applications, should be addressed to: Dr Małgorzata Praczyk:
  • Please use the registration form.