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Association of African Historians – Violent Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa: Issues and Dimensions in the Twenty –First Century
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Friday, August 26th / 09.00-12.30
Christopher B.N. Ogbogbo
Collegium Historicum, 3.4

Nature and Dimension of the Transmuting Violent. Conflicts in Africa in the 21st Century
Africa is once again on the boil. There has been transformations in the nature and dimension of these violent conflicts from what has been the history of violence in the continent. These persistent conflicts have resulted in the increasing insecurity and developmental challenges within the continent. It has resulted in the mind-boggling growing number of internally displaced persons in Africa. Prominent amongst these violent conflicts are insurgencies from extremist Islamic fundamentalist groups like Boko Haram, Islamic State of West Africa, Jama’a Nusrah al-Islam wa al Musilimin in West Africa, Egypt has been plagued with political crisis that is induced by religious fundamentalism while the horn of Africa is currently ravaged by ongoing Ethiopia – Eritrea conflict in the Tigray area. Al-Shabaab has continued its terrorist activities in Somalia which often spills into Kenya. Meanwhile, the deleterious activities in Ansar al-Sharia in Tunisia have continued unabated. In Uganda, there is the Lord’s Resistant Army that has gained infamy for terrorism and mass murder. South Africa has experienced a number of violent conflicts associated with xenophobia. These conflicts are often not just locally induced; they also have a global flavour. It is the myriad of conflicts that now characterize the African continent in the twenty-first century that is been proposed for rigorous interrogation by historians of Africa at the upcoming XXIII ICHS. It is expected that panel will help in comprehending these conflicts. This will enable the voices of African historians to be heard on a global stage on matters that are of major concern to African peoples and societies.