The State Archives in Poznań derives from the tradition and resources of the law firms in Wielkopolska, offices and noble courts of first instance and their archives. On March 8, 1869, the Royal-Prussian State Archive was established in Poznań. On April 5, 1919, the Commissariat of the Supreme People’s Council established the State Archives in Poznań, which in 1922 became part of the network of state archives.
On September 10, 1939, the State Archive in Poznań was taken over by the German occupation authorities and renamed the Reich Archive for the Land of Warta in Poznań. After the war, the Archives in Poznań dealt with securing and taking over the old archives in Poznań and in the provinces, as well as with the recovery of the oldest and most valuable archival materials taken away by the occupant. The State Archives in Poznań keeps three objects inscribed on the World and National List of the UNESCO “Memory of the World” Program.
Currently, the Archives employs 61 people, including 15 people in branch offices in Gniezno, Konin and Piła. They take care of the archival resource (including 7452 archival units, which is 1,245,235 archival units, 15,004.39 running meters and 509 archival units, i.e. 4,852.6 MB in electronic form).