Solidarity Fund

Mission Statement

The Organizing Committee of the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences Poznań 2020/2022 is pleased to announce that, with significant support from generous sponsors, it has established a Solidarity Fund for historians who would like to participate in the Congress.

Congresses, organized by the International Committee of Historical Sciences since 1928, have long involved scholars mainly from European countries. While participation from other parts of the world has gradually expanded, a worrying decrease in such representation since 2000 led organizers to establish the Solidarity Fund in support of the Amsterdam Congress of 2010. Its aim was to ensure that well-qualified historians coming from underrepresented parts of the world would not be prevented from participating in the Congress because of financial restrictions. A similar fund was also available to participants of the following Congress in Jinan (China) in 2015. Thus, the Organizing Committee of the XXIII International Congress of Historical Sciences Poznań 2020/2022 continues this tradition.


Support will be given in the form of:

a) free accommodation in Adam Mickiewicz University dormitories for 150 participants
b) a registration fee waiver for 100 participants
c) travel grants for 60 participants

Tickets will be purchased by the Organizing Committee of the XXIII ICHS Poznań 2020/2022. The Committee will also book rooms for beneficiaries of the Fund.


Application Rules

The Solidarity Fund is primarily intended for historians coming from the countries included in the official List of Recipients of Official Development Assistance (2020-2022) of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [].

Priority will be given to candidates who are session organizers or will present a paper at the Congress.
The applicant and beneficiary are obliged to respect both the rules of professional ethics and the sponsors’ reputation.
If you wish to submit an application for assistance, you should do it before you start the registration procedure.
Please use the application form.


Please use the application form, which must be accompanied by:

• Indication of the session, title of your paper, and name of the session organizer/discussant OR,
if you are not presenting a paper at the Congress, your motivation for attending the Congress (max. 200 words)

• A readable digital scan or photocopy of your identity card or passport

• Your curriculum vitae (max. 2 pages)

• A letter of recommendation from the organizer of your session or, if you are not speaking at the Congress,
from a referee belonging to one of the Affiliated Organizations of the International Committee of Historical Sciences
or an academic referee connected to an officially recognized university.The letter of recommendation – paper or digital version (with qualified electronic signature) –
MUST be sent separately by the university/organization/session organizer directly to the Secretary of the Solidarity Fund (see contact details below).


The completed application form should be scanned and send to the following address:

Please note that completion this application form does not in itself guarantee support.

The applications should be submitted by January 31, 2022.

All applicants will be notified about the decision of the selecting committee by March 1, 2022.

Only after this decision should you start the registration procedure.



Form can be downloaded by clicking the icon below!





All correspondence, including applications, should be addressed to:
Professor Lucyna Błażejczyk-Majka:
Collegium Historicum
Uniwersytetu Poznańskiego 7
61-614 Poznań